Resources & Tools of Information System Research

Inter-displinary perspectives in Information System

Information System

An information system (IS) is an organized system for the collection, organization, storage and communication of information. More specifically, it is the study of complementary networks that people and organizations use to collect, filter, process, create and distribute data. - Wikipedia

History of Information System Research

Main Associarions


UT Dallas Journals1

Number Journals ABS SCI SSCI
1 Academy of Management Journal Grade Four * Y
2 Academy of Management Review Grade Four * Y
3 Administrative Science Quarterly Grade Four * Y
4 Information Systems Research Grade Four * Y
5 Journal of Accounting and Economics Grade Four * Y
6 Journal of Accounting Research Grade Four * Y
7 Journal of Consumer Research Grade Four * Y
8 Journal of Finance Grade Four * Y
9 Journal of Financial Economics Grade Four Y
10 Journal of International Business Studies Grade Four Y
11 Journal of Marketing Grade Four * Y
12 Journal of Marketing Research Grade Four * Y
13 Journal of Operations Management Grade Four 1 Y
14 Journal on Computing Grade Three 3
15 Management Science Grade Four * Y
16 Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Grade Three Y
17 Marketing Science Grade Four * Y
18 MIS Quarterly Grade Four * Y
19 Operations Research Grade Four * 2 Y
20 Organization Science Grade Four * Y
21 Production and Operations Management Grade Three 1
22 Strategic Management Journal Grade Four * Y
23 The Accounting Review Grade Four * Y
24 The Review of Financial Studies Grade Four * Y

List by H Index2

Name of Journal Code H Index
MIS Quarterly MISQ 177
Information System Research ISRE 128
Information and Management I&M 128
Journal of Management Information Systems JMIS 119
Decision Support Systems DSS 109
European Journal of Information Systems EJIS 84
Information Processing and Management IPM 80
Knowledge-Based Systems KBS 74
ACM Transactions on Information Systems TOIS 70
Journal of Computing INFORMS IJOC 61
Journal of the Association of Information Systems JAIS 52

Rankings of IS Journals6

List of information systems journals

Rank Journal Name Tier
1 MIS Quarterly Premier Journals
2 Information Systems Research Premier Journals
3 Management Science Premier Journals
4 Journal of Management Info. Systems Premier Journals
5 Decision Sciences Top Tier Journals
6 Communications of the ACM Top Tier Journals
7 Decision Support Systems Top Tier Journals
8 European Journal of Info. Systems Top Tier Journals
9 ACM Transactions Top Tier Journals
10 Journal of AIS Top Tier Journals
11 Information Systems Top Tier Journals
12 ACM Computing Surveys Top Tier Journals
13 Journal of Information Systems Top Tier Journals
14 Journal of Strategic Info. Systems Top Tier Journals
15 Information and Management Top Tier Journals
16 Communications of the AIS
17 Journal of Database Management
18 Journal of Information Management
20 Journal of Computer Info. Systems
21 Info. Resources Management Journal
22 Journal of Management Systems
23 Journal of the ACM
24 Omega
25 Journal of Info. Systems Management
26 Journal of Information Science
27 Human-Computer Interaction
28 Operations Research
29 Interfaces (INFORMS)
30 Int’l Journal of Human-Computer Studies
31 Journal of Information Systems Educ.
32 Knowledge Based Systems
33 Journal of Operations Research
34 Journal of Data Base Administration
35 Journal of Systems and Software
36 Expert Systems with Applications
37 Organizational Behavior and Human Decision
38 Journal of Systems Management
40 Expert Systems Review
41 Journal of End-User Computing
42 Behavior and Information Technology
43 Communication Research
44 Simulation
45 AI Expert
46 Journal of Software Maintenance
47 Computers and Automation
48 Computers in Human Behavior

Main Conferences34

Theories of Information System Research

Research Methods from 2004 to 20135

IS Methods

NO. Research Methodologies
1 Speculation/commentary
2 Frameworks and conceptual model
3 Literature review
4 Literature analysis
5 Case study
6 Survey
7 Field research(study)
8 Field experiment
9 Laboratory experiment/Simulation Experiment
10 Design science
11 Mathematical modeling
12 Qualitative research
13 Secondary data
14 Content analysis

Topics from 2004 to 20135

IS Topics

NO. Topics
1 Big data
2 Business intelligence/data analytics/expert system
3 Business process
4 Cloud computing
5 Customer relationship management (CRM)
6 Databases
7 Decision support system & executive IS
8 E-government
9 Electronic commerce/business
10 End user computing
11 Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
12 Environment of IT: internal or external
13 Global information technology (GIT)
14 Group support systems
15 Hardware
16 Health information technology
17 Innovation
18 Internet
19 Inter-organizational systems
20 IS design and development
21 IS education
22 IS evaluation
23 IS functional applications
24 IS implementation
25 IS management and planning
26 IS research
27 IS staffing
28 IS usage/adoption
29 IT and culture
30 IT value
31 Knowledge management
32 Media and communications
33 Mobile computing
34 Organizational design
35 Outsourcing and offshoring
36 Project management
37 Security and privacy
38 Social media and social computing
39 Social networks and Online Community
40 Societal issues
41 Software and programming languages
42 Supply chain management
43 Sustainability
44 Telecommunications and networking
45 Virtual teams
46 FinTech

Tools for Information System Research

Some Resources

1. UTD Journals
2. SJR - Scimago Journal & Country Rank
3. The International Conference on Information Systems
4. Wikipedia - Category:Information systems conferences
5. Palvia, P., Kakhki, M. D., Ghoshal, T., Uppala, V., & Wang, W. (2015). Methodological and Topic Trends in Information Systems Research: A Meta-Analysis of IS Journals. CAIS, 37, 30.
6. MIS Journal Rankings
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